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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

Could you please check that the 'about:plugins' output displays 'mov'
support? If not, which desktop environment and gecko 'based' browser
you're using ? Do you've the related task installed (eg: gnome-desktop
for GNOME, ...) ?

My browser (iceweasel) does include .mov as a supported format.  All the files I try to play open a player applet, but it does nothing.  Trying to open them manually with Totem results in a "Video Codec Advanced Video Coding (H264) is not installed" error message. I even installed the ffmpeg package - which, for some reason, the gstreamer plugin doesn't seem to depend on...

I'm running a Lenny install dist-upgraded from an Etch install with the desktop task installed. 

Hardware sucks, so people should buy at least those who have some
documentation about how to deal with the mess. :-)

Well, it is somewhat difficult in the case of video/wireless...  It's probably near impossible to find a laptop with both a video and wireless chipset that don't require some type of binary blob. That said, I'm happy some are working on reverse-engineering the chipsets (OpenHAL, nouveau, etc)


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