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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

On 8/8/07, Tim Hull <thully@umich.edu> wrote:

Hi Tim,

> > In addition, there is not reliable solution for suspend/hibernate,
> especially
> > from X. There still some way to go for X and the kernel to get to there.
> The bundled suspend scripts seem to be improving somewhat, but they need
> work...

Which work? Could you please test with both Etch and testing or even
unstable write a report, send to debian-desktop ML -
debian-desktop@lists.debian.org, pointing to some bugs in or out of
our bug tracking system (if any) ?

> > Additionally, it should be noted that a desktop task has nothing with
> > multimedia (means: surprise, you can use a desktop without music and
> movies).
> By "multmedia", I mean playing back mp3, ogg, AAC, etc - not content
> creation.
> The first two are already included - I was just suggesting adding a few more
> codecs (like faac and ffmpeg) already in main for use with
> Rhythmbox/amaroK/totem/Kaffeine (which *are* in the GNOME/KDE desktop
> task).

ffmpeg is already in for GNOME desktop (gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg package
to be exact), support for Xfce and KDE needs some testing, added in my
TODO. Thanks!

It seems that we have no support for FAAC in main yet. Could you point
out a package, set of packages or upstream projects that I should look

> > And maybe one to rule them all so I only have to define font setting
> exactly
> > once without caring about the toolkit?
> I'd definitely like to be able to easily redefine the font aliases - i.e. so
> I can have Arial map to Vera Sans instead of butt-ugly bitmap Helvetica.
> Doing this app-by-app or in obscure config files is somewhat annoying.

In other words you want better font managers for GNOME, KDE or Xfce or
even a different font alias manager as a add-on. It would be helpful
if you start opening wishlist bugs against our preferred desktop
environment asking for the feature and point out for us apps that are
out of these projects officially, but would fill the gap if added.

> (...)

-- stratus
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