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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

My browser (iceweasel) does include .mov as a supported format.  All the files I try to play open a player applet, but it does nothing.  Trying to open them manually with Totem results in a "Video Codec Advanced Video Coding (H264) is not installed" error message. I even installed the ffmpeg package - which, for some reason, the gstreamer plugin doesn't seem to depend on...

I'm running a Lenny install dist-upgraded from an Etch install with the desktop task installed. 

Update: it works with  libxine1-ffmpeg installed.  Evidently totem-xine is installed by default - at least if you install Etch and upgrade to Lenny.  Is this by design, or just an issue with Etch to Lenny transitions.  I'm going to install totem-gstreamer now and compare performance (the audio on some trailers didn't work with xine).


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