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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

On 8/9/07, Tim Hull <thully@umich.edu> wrote:
> >
> > - driver detection
> > We've driver detection, what's wrong with this feature in your use
> > case scenario?
> I was talking about driver detection with out-of-tree drivers that must be
> built with "module-assistant".  It actually looks like something is in the
> works, though.

Right, pere replied about this issue.

> (...)
> > - codec installer
> > We can't add non-free codec installers in main. Btw, we support more
> > multimedia formats *using free software* than any other distribution,
> > including support for gecko-enabled browsers.
> I wasn't talking about using non-free software at all - just what's in main.
>  In any case, most of the appropriate codecs seem to be included in the
> desktop task.
> I did try the Apple movie trailers link you suggested, though, and none of
> them worked.  I do have ffmpeg plugins installed.  Is this a bug?  You
> seemed to suggest they would work...

Could you please check that the 'about:plugins' output displays 'mov'
support? If not, which desktop environment and gecko 'based' browser
you're using ? Do you've the related task installed (eg: gnome-desktop
for GNOME, ...) ?

> > Oh, you forgot to mention eye-candy involving 3D that seems to be a
> > must have feature for any desktop out there now. It's clear that we
> > did the right thing not jumping on the hype boat with Etch. Compiz and
> > Beryl merged and we don't have tons of Debian Etch desktops out there
> > with one or other enabled by default. Don't you see? This is pure
> > sanity for my eyes in terms of support and stability.
> I didn't mention it for that exact reason - it was obviously not
> Debian-ready for Etch's release.  Heck, even Ubuntu only included it as an
> *experimental* feature in Feisty.  I figure Compiz Fusion will likely be
> ready for Lenny, though it will obviously not work on many systems without
> users manually installing the infamous nvidia/ATI binary drivers (luckily,
> I'm set with good old Intel video).

Hardware sucks, so people should buy at least those who have some
documentation about how to deal with the mess. :-)

-- stratus
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