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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

Which work? Could you please test with both Etch and testing or even
unstable write a report, send to debian-desktop ML -
debian-desktop@lists.debian.org, pointing to some bugs in or out of
our bug tracking system (if any) ?

I will do this...

It seems that we have no support for FAAC in main yet. Could you point
out a package, set of packages or upstream projects that I should look

I meant faad, sorry.  Here's the main lib:


and the gstreamer plugin which uses it:


In other words you want better font managers for GNOME, KDE or Xfce or
even a different font alias manager as a add-on. It would be helpful
if you start opening wishlist bugs against our preferred desktop
environment asking for the feature and point out for us apps that are
out of these projects officially, but would fill the gap if added.

OK - I'll look into it.

Regarding Etch - yes, it has indeed come a long way from boot-floppies, and is in fact more stable than Ubuntu.  However, I do think Ubuntu does have some features that make it "easier" (driver detection, a more streamlined live-CD based install, codec installer, and so on).  This can certainly be argued, though, and in no way do I mean to say that Debian is necessarily hard.

Anyway, I'm not in any way demanding anything - just asking what is going on with respect to Lenny, mentioning a few areas that I've seen issues in, and seeing where I can help.  The very fact that developers have taken the time to respond to my questions/concerns has definitely left me impressed.


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