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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

In addition, there is not reliable solution for suspend/hibernate, especially
from X. There still some way to go for X and the kernel to get to there.

The bundled suspend scripts seem to be improving somewhat, but they need work...

Additionally, it should be noted that a desktop task has nothing with
multimedia (means: surprise, you can use a desktop without music and movies).

By "multmedia", I mean playing back mp3, ogg, AAC, etc - not content creation.
The first two are already included - I was just suggesting adding a few more codecs (like faac and ffmpeg) already in main for use with Rhythmbox/amaroK/totem/Kaffeine (which *are* in the GNOME/KDE desktop task).

And maybe one to rule them all so I only have to define font setting exactly
once without caring about the toolkit?

I'd definitely like to be able to easily redefine the font aliases - i.e. so I can have Arial map to Vera Sans instead of butt-ugly bitmap Helvetica.  Doing this app-by-app or in obscure config files is somewhat annoying.

> * Simplify installation of out-of-tree kernel modules, possibly by adapting

It should not be a priority.

I disagree, as this applies to all drivers - not just non-free drivers.  As it stands, users have to figure out what chipset their hardware uses, install "build-essential" and the proper driver source package, and then  m-a a-i the relevant package.  This can be quite confusing to the average user.


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