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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

- driver detection
We've driver detection, what's wrong with this feature in your use
case scenario?

I was talking about driver detection with out-of-tree drivers that must be built with "module-assistant".  It actually looks like something is in the works, though.

- more streamlined live-CD based install
We will have better live-CD based install than anything else I've ever
used in Lenny. The Debian Live team worked on this during debconf and
I'm sure they will deliver great stuff in time for Lenny in the next

Cool - I guess I'll check on what they're up to.

- codec installer
We can't add non-free codec installers in main. Btw, we support more
multimedia formats *using free software* than any other distribution,
including support for gecko-enabled browsers.

I wasn't talking about using non-free software at all - just what's in main.  In any case, most of the appropriate codecs seem to be included in the desktop task. 

I did try the Apple movie trailers link you suggested, though, and none of them worked.  I do have ffmpeg plugins installed.  Is this a bug?  You seemed to suggest they would work...

Oh, you forgot to mention eye-candy involving 3D that seems to be a
must have feature for any desktop out there now. It's clear that we
did the right thing not jumping on the hype boat with Etch. Compiz and
Beryl merged and we don't have tons of Debian Etch desktops out there
with one or other enabled by default. Don't you see? This is pure
sanity for my eyes in terms of support and stability.

I didn't mention it for that exact reason - it was obviously not Debian-ready for Etch's release.  Heck, even Ubuntu only included it as an *experimental* feature in Feisty.  I figure Compiz Fusion will likely be ready for Lenny, though it will obviously not work on many systems without users manually installing the infamous nvidia/ATI binary drivers (luckily, I'm set with good old Intel video).

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