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Re: Frank Carmickle and Marco Paganini must die

Adam McKenna <adam@flounder.net> writes:

> When you don't make a reasonable effort to contact a person, even though his
> ISP may implement a bad filtering scheme (in your eyes), when it is part of
> the duties of your role, you are not fulfilling your duties.  That person's
> perception will be that he was ignored.

A reasonable effort is to send email to the address he gave me.

A reasonable effort does not require me to go to some other email
account somewhere, take steps to copy and paste in an inconvenient way
(emacs does it automacally for me, dotchasee), and bend over
backwards.  And often, find that the "spam" I'm sending is still

But if I don't even get a bounce back when I reply, what am I supposed
to do?  You say that it is "common knowledge" that people are
implementing these filter schemes, but it certainly isn't common
knowledge in my opinion.  What I have seen is rarely that an email
message I sent was delayed--only delayed, not blocked--because yahoo
or hotmail or something decided that too much spam came from my
network (which is a shared network with a jillion undergraduates with
infected Windows computers).  

Such messages invariably get through eventually, and I have no


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