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Re: Frank Carmickle and Marco Paganini must die

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 00:12:53 -0700, Adam McKenna <adam@flounder.net> said: 

> I think you're missing my point, so I'll restate it, again.  I am
> not arguing for or against any particular filtering scheme.  What I
> am saying, basically, is:

> GIVEN the fact that many ISP's block messages from dynamic IP's, and
> GIVEN the fact that so much spam comes from dynamic IP's, (making
> said blocking a reasonable thing to do in many people's eyes,
> whether you agree with it or not) It is a bad idea to operate under
> the assumption that mail sent from such an address will always reach
> its recipient reliably.

	Hell, given the state  of the net, I never assume that email
 is going to reach the recipient. I also understand people out there
 are sometimes not competent enough to arrange for non-spam email to
 be  delivered to them.

> You appear to be saying "I don't care about the people who block my
> mail".  If you are talking about your own personal e-mail account,
> that's fine, but when you are in charge of a role account, there is
> a greater responsibility to communicate with people (in general,
> role accounts are created for the purpose of official communication)
> and IMO the "I don't care" argument doesn't hold up anymore.

	But it does: there is no way I can guarantee delivery anyway,
 and wasting time reaching people too incompetent to arrange non spam
 mail to their INBOX takes time away from people who are at least
 trying not to delibrately hard to communicate with.

> If you want to change the way the Internet operates, go for it, and
> good luck.  Until it changes, don't operate under false assumptions.
> Or, do whatever you want, but don't complain about it on the Debian
> lists when things go awry.

	Hell, I never complain on the lists. What good would that do?
 If needed, I'll file a BUG, and, if that does not work, do an NMU
 (following protocol, as always).  What I take exception to is people
 hectoring me about the incompetence of some people out there, and
 expecting me to jump through hoops to make up for the mail handling
 deficiencies of these folks.

	If they can't arrange for official communication not to be
 filtered away, they probably don't deserve to get any. Life is too
 short to try and unfuck all the fuckups that are out there.

What you don't know won't help you much either. Bennett
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