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Re: Why is only the latest unstable package considered for testing?

"Matthias Urlichs" <smurf@noris.de> writes:
> On Tue, 15 Apr 2003 13:54:06 +0000, Michael Banck wrote:
>> I did a couple of NMUs for RC bugs in the last days - I uploaded
>> straight to DELAYED/7-day, sent a mail with a diff to the BTS and
>> set the bug to +pending. So far, I did not get much complaints.
> Hmm. If I wanted to do something like that (not too sure yet) I'd
> have to go through a sponsor. That doesn't sound like a net
> reduction of work...

No, you do not need to "go through a sponsor" to send "a mail with a
diff to the BTS".


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