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Re: Why is only the latest unstable package considered for testing?

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 12:40:37PM +0200, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le mar 15/04/2003 à 08:55, Sven Luther a écrit :
> > Well, i don't really care about those packages, it is just that this
> > will hold up any packages which depend on libvorbis (post 0a). I could
> > try rebuilding those packages with the testing libvorbis, but i doubt
> > out autobuilders will be happy if i ask them to autobuild on unstable +
> > the testing libvorbis.
> That wouldn't bring anything, as the libvorbis in sarge is utterly
> broken.

Then remove it and all the dependant packages, and have the new ones
enter testing as their dependency are ready. You could have most of the
not broken versions of these packages in testing in a day or so if you
would go this route. 

This is not being done, and i can understand this, but nobody is also
giving proper argument about why this should not be done.

> If you want to help with something, please help in fixing the RC
> bugs in these packages.

Yes, sure, easy for you to say. There are so many of them, and on such a
diversity of packages, i could be fixing bugs for weeks and not improve
the situation. That is if i even had a fiable way of knowing what the
concerned packages are. Sure i could fix the testing script to provide
more usefull output, but i don't speak python, and i think they don't
want it changed anyway. It is not as i am standing idle also, i have
other packages i maintain and fix bug for (and respond promptly to bug
reports, not let them in the dark for weeks) and i have been X upstream
bug fixing lately. And what would be your pronostic for having the
new KDE in sarge ? I don't use KDE, i don't do C++ programing mostly, i
don't even really believe that OO is the best thing ever and i should go
fix KDE bugs just so that the packages i maintain will get in testing ?
I think i can use my free time in a more valuable way.

Maybe the RM hopes that by not moving on this or anything, he will
blackmail people to fix those bugs. But i don't believe it is a good
solution, and if the package are buggy and nobody care for them, by all
way, please remove them from testing, and let the rest of us who care
about our packages continue to work on them.


Sven Luther

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