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Re: Why is only the latest unstable package considered for testing?

Sven Luther wrote:
> BTW, do you know if uploading a package to testing-update will be
> considered by the testing scripts if the unstable version is a new
> version and/or too buggy and such ? This would be a neat way to
> rebuilding a testing package which is holding back huge amount of other
> packages and just needs a rebuild, but the unstable version is not
> considered for this, since it depends on a huge amount of other (broken)
> packages.

To the best of my knowledge there are no autobuilders for testing.
The autobuilders use unstable.  Therefore in order to accomplish what
you suggest one would need to manually build on all of the Debian
supported architectures using testing or stable and then upload the
binary builds for all architectures.  And there may be other gotchas


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