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Re: Why is only the latest unstable package considered for testing?

On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 11:39:55PM +0200, Michael Banck wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 10:29:05PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > Yes, but it is better than having our packages hold back by libvorbis
> > and the 105 or so packages that will be breaken by its inclusion in
> > testing, many of them have big RC bugs and such, and will not be
> > includable in testing for a long time. 
> Could you please back your figures up with hard data? I was looking for
> libvorbis stuff to NMU and had a time finding some. clanlib-vorbis still
> needs porting though. I doubt we are talking about '105' packages
> though.

Taken from yesterdays update_output.txt entry at :

skipped: libvorbis (449+583)
    got: 116+0: a-116
        * alpha: adonthell, alsaplayer, alsaplayer-alsa,
	* alsaplayer-common, alsaplayer-esd, alsaplayer-gtk,
	* alsaplayer-nas, alsaplayer-oss, alsaplayer-text, amoeba,
	* artsbuilder, audacity, bitcollider-plugins, black-box, brahms,
	* bugsquish, bumprace, cantus, castle-combat, chromium,
	* circuslinux, clanlib-dev, clanlib-vorbis, crimson,
	* criticalmass, csmash, defendguin, easytag, enigma, fags,
	* frozen-bubble, gcompris, gemdropx, gjay, gl-117, gltron,
	* gqmpeg, gtoaster, heroes-sdl, icebreaker, jack, jumpnbump,
	* kdebase-audiolibs, kdebase-dev, kdemultimedia-dev, kreatecd,
	* langband-zterm, lbreakout2, lgeneral, libarts-mpeglib,
	* libopenal-dev, libopenal0, libsdl-mixer1.2,
	* libsdl-mixer1.2-dev, libsdl-ocaml, libsdl-ocaml-dev,
	* libsdl-perl, libsdl-ruby, libxine-dev, libxine0, ltris,
	* madbomber, mirrormagic, moon-lander, mp3blaster, mp3c,
	* mp3kult, mpeglib, noatun, noatun-plugins, penguin-command,
	* prboom, pygame, python-pyvorbis, race, ripperx, rockdodger,
	* rocks-n-diamonds, saytime, simplecdrx, sinek, sox, sox-dev,
	* sweep, terminatorx, timidity, toppler, tuxpaint, tuxpuck,
	* tuxracer, tuxtype, vectoroids, vegastrike, vorbis-tools,
	* vorbisgain, vsound, xine-ui, zinf, zinf-extras,
	* zinf-plugin-alsa, zinf-plugin-esound

Well, there are various libvorbis entries like that, but the smallest
one is 105 packages. Note that this is binary packages, not source
packages, so sure, it may be less than 105 packages.

Notice that this include things like artsbuilder which is part of
kdemultimedia, which in turn implies that all of kde 3.1 need to be
ready to enter testing. See my other mail for a more detailed list of
part of these packages.

Some examples are the games packaged by Christian, i didn't look at it
in detail, but since these where not rebuilt since last year, chances
are good that they still depend (in unstable) on the non-0a libvorbis,
and thus need to be rebuilt. Not sure though.

> And in the end, those packages are *already* included in testing, no?
> Just a/some version(s) behind.

Well, i don't really care about those packages, it is just that this
will hold up any packages which depend on libvorbis (post 0a). I could
try rebuilding those packages with the testing libvorbis, but i doubt
out autobuilders will be happy if i ask them to autobuild on unstable +
the testing libvorbis.


Sven Luther

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