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Re: technical mail setup question (and a little of what was: calling Philip Hands)

On Thu, Jun 03, 1999 at 08:29:38PM -0400, Daniel Burrows wrote:

[ RE: dynamic dns FQDNs from dhis.org and other places ]

> Hmm, that's true.  I go through my ISP's mail relay, and my
> understanding is that once they have accepted it (which they do) this
> isn't an issue. [of course I was already wrong once :-) ]

no, you're quite right on this point.  DUL RBLs block direct connections
from dialup IP addresses. they do not in any way affect mail relayed
through an ISP's mail server.

> But I guess it makes it worse as a general technique.

actually, the dynamic dns services's are very useful for this and other


craig sanders

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