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Re: technical mail setup question (and a little of what was: calling Philip Hands)

On Thu, Jun 03, 1999 at 07:01:57PM -0500, Steve Greenland was heard to say:
> On 03-Jun-99, 17:34 (CDT), Daniel Burrows <Daniel_Burrows@brown.edu> wrote: 
> >   However, I now have a hack in place to fix it.  Check out the 'dhis' package
> > in potato (it compiles easily for Slink if you don't have potato)--it's a free
> > service that effectively gives you a static hostname on a dynamic IP address.
> > It also does mail spooling but I don't use it so I can't say how useful it is.
> It doesn't help (enough) because reverse-DNS lookups go back to your ISP
> provided dynamic name and address. A lot of mail systems will reject you
> based on this (your claimed name doesn't match your reverse-DNS name).
> Steve


  Hmm, that's true.  I go through my ISP's mail relay, and my understanding is
that once they have accepted it (which they do) this isn't an issue. [of course
I was already wrong once :-) ]  But I guess it makes it worse as a general


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