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technical mail setup question (and a little of what was: calling Philip Hands)

In my head, a hypothetical ISP wrote:
> Hypothetical angry-user wrote:
> >
> > Trust your Internet mail-senders, then.
> You are awfully free with how our system resources are spent, aren't
> you?  We only charge $14.95 a month-- we literally CANNOT AFFORD the
> extra costs in more elaborate spam-pervention.  If you can show me
> another program with the same low costs (of maintance) that this one
> does, or are willing to supply the extra resources, fine-- we'll use
> it.  But for now we're going to stick with this one -- even if it
> isn't perfect -- because getting spammed isn't an option for us.

Okay.  Enough feeding the silly flame-beasts.  I'd like to direct your
attention now (especially those of you advocating using your isp's
relay.) to a very real technical question in debian-user (please
follow-up to his question there):

Allan M. Wind has a local LAN, I have a dynamic IP, both of us have the
problem that the hostname that our local Sendmail is telling our ISP's
SMTP relays is not a resolvable hostname.  The relay declines to do the
transaction.  Solution?

Because of the necessity (demonstrated in the above thread) of using a
relay, and what I imagine must be a prevailance of dialup, dynamic-ip
using users in the linux user base, this must be a *very easy* problem
to solve upon installation.  In fact, it shouldn't /be/ a problem at
all.  How can we work to make sure this is so?  It's certainly not
advisable to change the system hostname on every ppp/ip-up (believe
me... I tried it last summer ;)

Thanks for your productive efforts in making Debian a better place,
 - Kevin Turner

Kevin.Turner@oberlin.edu | OpenPGP encryption welcome here, see X-DSA-Key

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