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"List of files" links broken for arch:all packages on packages.d.o valve parts for medical equipment2021/3/1 1:39:22 Avez-vous bien reçu mon message ? Fwd : ➡️ Faites connaître votre activité référencée par Framalibre dans les médias ! Cuota de correo electrónico excedida Hi, let me show you Snonav the new “Waze” for the slopes Re: Hi, let me show you Snonav the new “Waze” for the slopes Tri nevjerovatna otkrića u Visokom tokom 2020. Action Ꭱequired: Reνieѡ Pending Messages Automatic grub-update Belux, Catalogue Siyaha Bug#980921: Validation of HTML5 Bug#981573: Accessibility problem with Debian website Bug#982344: add sitemap link to main page, possibly footer Bug#982764: marked as done ( Access to is blocked with 403 Forbidden) Bug#982764: Access to is blocked with 403 Forbidden Bug#983079: Don't captialize package names Bug#983178: Some validation errors are not actionable for translators Bug#983587: GNOME apps with dark theme on KDE plasma Bug#983587: file not foundE (GTK)" needs review Chinese+Dutch: Fwd: webwml failed Re: Complaint about new website Download link failed Emails of Health & Fitness, Clothings, Healthcare Professionals Forbidden <p>You are not allowed to access this!</p> help with salsa.debian high DA website available Monitorowanie samochodu A new style for the Debian Project website Pozycjonowanie- informacja Processed: closing 983587 Prototype of revamped web site setup Question for you Adds questions regading some encoding troubles in webwml Re : : Has Lots Of Error Re : : Has Lots Of Error. RE : Follow Up ; Linux Users Emails List. RE : Linux Users Emails List. Servicio de la flota Suggestion Re: Translation of Korean language. 朝鮮語 or 韓國語 ? Trying to register to forums. Unable to join the forums. URLchecker fixes for the partners pages We wrote an article for you Fwd: webwml failed Who's using Debian Who's using Debian? Yes The last update was on 21:20 GMT Sun Feb 28. There are 77 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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