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Re: Complaint about new website


I can't see that anyone responded to Waxhead's mail.

I share several of the issues raised:
- quick access to info. (I think I asked about the footer menu earlier.)
- appearance for text readers. (I tested the frontpage in Links and I
can't imagine that this is good UX.)

Regarding the website "not being unifying": I completely understand
the comment, but I also think you can read the page as Debian being
both. Not sure what works better.

Anyway, asking for another redesign now might not be the best timing.
Maybe do that when we switch from webwml to something like Hugo - ref
recent mail on the list.


søn. 24. jan. 2021 kl. 02:48 skrev waxhead <waxhead@dirtcellar.net>:
> Hi,
> I have a couple of complaints / suggestions regarding the new website.
> Please compare
> www.debian.org
> with
> https://web.archive.org/web/20201215021123/https://www.debian.org/
> The new debian.org uses gigantic fonts. I am not visually impaired and
> for those that are they more likely than not set your DPI/Fonts larger
> on your system level. Please consider using sane fonts like on the old
> webpage which give you more useful information on a smalle footprint.
> On the old webpage information is well organized. It is easy to find
> things without having to dig through submenus. if your network has high
> latency this becomes a problem. The old website has a nice list in
> normal fonts making it easy to find that you are looking for.
> Please consider making debian.org more compact and add something similar.
> I feel the new website is DIVIDING the operating system and the
> community. They do not appear to be ONE entity but two separate
> "products". I think it would make sense to not have the community and
> Debian side by side but rather have the community below Debian which is
> the main product.
> Yes, the old website has it's flaws - but compare to the new one I would
> ask you to consider bringing the old website back (which is more usable
> on text mode browsers like Lynx). I suggest that you instead try to
> improve the user experience - what people starting to learn Debian
> really need is to know about the infrastructure and basic use in an
> simplified and easy way. E.g. the IRC channels, how to install and
> remove programs (aptitude), basic use e.g. where to find config files
> /etc/programname/ , how to report bugs, how to track bugs , how to track
> packages , the QA process - the different repos, how the sources.list
> should look by default, that debian has a wiki (and maybe that Arch has
> a wiki as well in case you can't find somethin), how often the package
> archive is updated, how to configure keymaps, basic troubleshooting etc...
> It should be easy to add a "crash course" using the concept of the old
> webpage where "everything" can be found neatly organized. Please
> consider doing something with the things that matters - the new website
> is honestly just "copying" everybody else - it is not adding usefulness
> to debian.org
> PS! Sorry for being a bit harsh, but the only way to try to improve
> something is to focus on what you do not like instead of what you do
> like. I am not trying to be mean so hope whoever reads this understand
> that I am trying to contribute in a positive way (admittedly by being
> negative) :)
> Best regards
> - Waxhead

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