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Fwd: webwml failed

Hi web team and Chinese Language team,
I'm afk for some days, can anybody fix the build error below?

It seems an extra " in the translation-check header in chinese/devel/debian-installer/index.wml


-------- Mensaje Original --------
De: Debian Webmaster <webmaster@debian.org>
Enviado: 15 de febrero de 2021 6:51:31 CET
Para: webwml-monitor@www-master.debian.org
Asunto: webwml failed

make[3]: Entering directory '/srv/www.debian.org/webwml/chinese/devel/debian-installer'
Processing index.wml: ePerl:Error: Perl parsing error (interpreter rc=255)

---- Contents of STDERR channel: ---------
Bareword found where operator expected at /tmp/wml.1821.tmp1 line 4072, near """f917b9adf4a1c15cca8405e010043d380e4b1b83"
	(Missing operator before f917b9adf4a1c15cca8405e010043d380e4b1b83?)

Laura Arjona Reina
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