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questions regading some encoding troubles in webwml


After observing the following broken char here:
Introduction � l'empaquetage Debian in https://www.debian.org/doc/index.fr.html

For that I went to its source file in the salsa module. But:
1. the rendering in salsa is surprising because it seems to handle a mixed-encoding situation, and so here we cannot see the mismatch:
2. I also observed some encoding variations regarding the apostrophe character that sometimes is the classic (U+0027) or the (U+2019). In my opinion, an apostrophe should be U+0027 and U+2019 uses for the right close single quotation mark.

So have Debian any rules/recommendations on the formal content?
Any tool used to validate before (or after) any changes? (like a testcheck in its make?)
Otherwise may I proceed directly using the edition facility of salsa?


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