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Re: Suggestion

Hi Carlos,

On 20.02.21 04:42, Carlos Méndez wrote:
Hello, my name is Carlos Méndez, the reason for this email is not to report an error, I simply want to suggest a small change in the design of the main page.

Exactly in the area that contains the distribution logo and the search form.

The vertical size of both elements (the logo and the search form) is not homogeneous, which breaks the design of the main page a bit.

My suggestion is to make both elements have a more homogeneous size (vertically), Resizing the search form using CSS, Optionally, the image of the logo can be used that distributes the elements horizontally to take advantage of the space.

And also optionally the color palette style can be added to the search form.

I know that the website development team must be very busy, and I would like to be able to collaborate to improve the website design.

I would like to know how I can collaborate in the design of the main page or another section.

I'd suggest you create the improved web page, put it up somewhare and the send the link to this list so that other can have a look if they think it's better. If that's the changes needed to the CSS.

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