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Re: Suggestion

Hi Carlos,

On Fri, 2021-02-19 at 21:42 -0600, Carlos Méndez wrote:
> Hello, I have made the modifications on the web page, I can summarize
> it in 3 changes:
> - The search form was aligned vertically (taking into account the
>   max-height) to make them more homogeneous with the navigation bar.
> - (classic) style was added to form elements, to make them look the
>   same independent of the browser (in firefox they were completely
>   disproportionate)
> - Color was added to the download button, to give it more visual
>   weight, because it is an important element on the site.
> You can access the site at: https://carloschanmendez.github.io/test/
> I sincerely hope that you like the changes, they are small, but I
> think that sometimes the small details are important too.

I think your changes improve Debian's home page very nicely, so let's
try to get them included.

First a few formalities:

* are you subscribed to the debian-www mailing list? You might want to
  do that, because when emails appear on the debian-www mailing list,
  people will as a rule only reply to the mailing list and not realize
  that you might not be subscribed and so you might not see their
  replies. For example Calim McConnell's email below that went to
  the mailing list only, without a Cc to you. You can subscribe
  yourself to the mailing list here:


* it *might* be better form to write text emails only (not emails that
  contain both HTML and text). However that's not a hard rule I guess
  and it *might* be useful to use HTML in case you need to transport
  visual stuff (which you do not in this particulare instance).

On 23.02.21 14:19, Calum McConnell wrote:
On Fri, 2021-02-19 at 21:42 -0600, Carlos Méndez wrote:
Hello, my name is Carlos Méndez, the reason for this email is not to
report an error, I simply want to suggest a small change in the design
of the main page.


If you're wondering where the website itself is built from, the source is
at https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml .  It uses a mix of WML
and other scripts.  WML is a semi-deprecated static site generator, and
you probably won't see it in many other places.  It's fairly simple to
understand: it's syntax is very much HTML based.  If you'd like to make
contributions to the website, then submitting pull requests to the
repositiory is probably the easiest way.

In order to submit pull requests you need to create an account on Salsa: https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml and sign in there with your account.

Then you might want to read about how CSS in handled for the Debian website: https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml/-/blob/master/README_CSS.txt

Next you can do *either* of these:

* either fork the webwml repository, clone the webwml repository to your
  local machine, edit webml/english/debian.css, commit it, write a
  rationale  (exactly what you wrote on the top of this email) and push
  your changes back up onto the Samba server. Once you have your changes
  on the Samba server you will see that the web interface offers you the
  possibility to create a pull request. Do so. In the pull request
  description you can wirte once again exactly the same thing you wrote
  on top of this email.

* pr edit webml/english/debian.css right there on the the Samba server
  ("Edit" button on the right side). That will do the above steps
  behind the curtain and you can once again create a pull request.

Take care to get the CSS syntax correct so as not to break the page. But do not worry too much, if stuff breaks, then you can fix it. I think this mailing list treats newbies and possible newbie mistakes kindly.

OK, I hope you can take your improvements a step further. If you get stuck, then please ask on the list.

Thanks a lot for caring!

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