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Re: non-free and users?

On Jan 19, 2004, at 08:59, Remi Vanicat wrote:

Anthony DeRobertis <asd@suespammers.org> writes:

There is no harm per se, however, there is the good we did not do
(because we were no longer able).

we were never able to do it. Or we are able to do it (in case of a
GFDL like package for example).

I don't think I was clear enough. If it is ethical to share, then currently, we are sharing our non-free archive with some people, and that is an ethical act. If we maintain the status quo, then in the future we will share non-free with more people. Since we're assuming sharing is ethical, then that is a good.

If we drop non-free, we will no longer be able to perform that good.

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