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Re: OT: KVM switch with Debian Lenny

Mark wrote:
> Would love to hear other's input as well.

I went through two (?) mail order KVM's and then a half dozen more from Fry's Electronics before coming upon an IOGear MiniView 8 Port PS/2 KVM Switch (model GCS78):


IOGear also makes a PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard to USB adapter (useful for laptops and computers lacking PS/2 connectors) (model GUC100KM):


It's my understanding/ belief that the underlying problem with KVM switches, etc., is 10+ years of non-standard/ evolving/ proprietary hardware signaling/ software communications protocols by the various keyboard, monitor, mouse, motherboard/ chipset, and/or operating system vendors. Solving this nightmare is a non-trivial feat of engineering. So, my Keytronic PS/2 keyboard, Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse (USB with USB-PS/2 adapter), and Nokia 445XiPlus monitor may be part of my good luck. I've plugged in many makes and models of computers and/or motherboards, with many versions of Windows, Linux, and BSD, over several years without any trouble. My monitor maxes out at 1600x1200 @ 85 Hz; the GCS78 causes no visible degradation.

I purchased and installed an IOGear 2-port KVM switch for a client and it worked flawlessly.

Unfortunately, technology marches on -- PS/2 mice and keyboards are being replaced by USB, and VGA video is being replaced by DVI/HDMI. Given the GUC100KM, I might be able to throw DVI/ HDMI/ VGA adapters at the problem. Another option is to limit my hardware choices. At some point, I'll need to upgrade the KVM.

Audio in/ out (microphone/ speakers) is something that I haven't solved adequately. Ideally, I'd like a 8x8 mixer patched so that the line out of each computer is summed at the line in of all other computers (e.g. no feedback loops). I presume KVM switches with audio patch the selected computer to one microphone and one set of speakers, and the other computers are muted.

Given my good experiences with IOGear, I'd suggest that you try their products.



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