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Re: OT: KVM switch with Debian Lenny

>On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 10:21 AM, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@gmail.com> wrote:
>Yes, that sounds like what I had, which worked great when the cheap ones won't.
>I don't know if this could have any after-effects, but those switches
>are designed for a maximum screen resolution, which may not exceed
>768*1024 if it's a few years old. Just something to keep in mind.
>Also, older keyboard drew much more current than newer keyboards, that
>may also affect the device.

>By the way, so far as I know mine was unpowered. I don't think that it
>even had a power input, at least if it did I never used it or noticed

Thanks Dotan for the reply.  My KVM switch handles 1280x1024 with no apparent issues, and the video actually works great for all 3 boxes (no interference, great clarity of fonts, etc. as I switch).  Just the keyboard and mouse are causing trouble.  I'm using usb keyboard and mouse (wired) with those green and purple usb to ps/2 adapters on the back of the KVM switch, but removing those made no difference.

I work with some electrical engineers and they suggested a possible faulty circuit, or if a surge occurred at some point, a part of the power supply or mobo might be fused closed where it is supposed to stay open when the machine is turned off.  This would cause some current to continue to be passed through the unit into the KVM switch, via the ps/2 ports in this case.

Ick.  *sigh*


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