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OT: KVM switch with Debian Lenny

Looking for some ideas from this smart group as the problem I'm seeing is a new one to me.  I recently installed a 4-port KVM switch (ps/2, not usb) connecting 3 desktop boxes at my house, 1 XP and 2 Debian Lenny systems.  Different brands, models, etc. of the desktops.  One of them is an Hp Workstation x1100 (running Lenny) and I've identified it as the culprit - for some reason, it has a power "pass-through" so to speak on the ps/2 ports for both mouse and keyboard that keep the KVM switch energized (I'm not using the optional AC adapter with the KVM switch - tried it and saw no difference).  The problem, it seems, is that since the KVM switch stays energized, the keyboard and mouse get confused when I go to use them with the other desktop systems and hence function sporadically, or are quirky at best.   If I unplug the power from the x1100 workstation, the other systems operate normally as the KVM switch is de-energized upon booting the systems at that point.

I've checked all BIOS settings and nothing I changed affected the power "pass-through", and I doubt there's anything I can do in Lenny to change that, but if there is, please share!

Any ideas?  I'd love to keep using the x1100, have done some nice upgrades to it and it's a whisper-quiet system.


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