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Re: OT: KVM switch with Debian Lenny

On 5 March 2010 19:58, Mark <mamarcac@gmail.com> wrote:
> Looking for some ideas from this smart group as the problem I'm seeing is a
> new one to me.  I recently installed a 4-port KVM switch (ps/2, not usb)
> connecting 3 desktop boxes at my house, 1 XP and 2 Debian Lenny systems.
> Different brands, models, etc. of the desktops.  One of them is an Hp
> Workstation x1100 (running Lenny) and I've identified it as the culprit -
> for some reason, it has a power "pass-through" so to speak on the ps/2 ports
> for both mouse and keyboard that keep the KVM switch energized (I'm not
> using the optional AC adapter with the KVM switch - tried it and saw no
> difference).  The problem, it seems, is that since the KVM switch stays
> energized, the keyboard and mouse get confused when I go to use them with
> the other desktop systems and hence function sporadically, or are quirky at
> best.   If I unplug the power from the x1100 workstation, the other systems
> operate normally as the KVM switch is de-energized upon booting the systems
> at that point.
> I've checked all BIOS settings and nothing I changed affected the power
> "pass-through", and I doubt there's anything I can do in Lenny to change
> that, but if there is, please share!
> Any ideas?  I'd love to keep using the x1100, have done some nice upgrades
> to it and it's a whisper-quiet system.
> Thanks!
> Mark

Belkin KVM switch? Then get another one!

The cheap ones on Ebay are no good either. I had a decent no-brand KVM
with a hefty hand-switch that worked great, if I can dig it up I'll
look for some serial number or something.

Dotan Cohen


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