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Re: REALLY OT: News Flash

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Please read my other posts.  I have already refuted this twice.

    No, you haven't.

>>     Yup.  Because look at the time; that was how things were written.  The
>> concepts we have now did not exist then.  But if you look further in their
>> papers you'll see they were more Deists (God exists but does not partake in
>> this world) than the Theists of Christians today (God exists and takes an
>> active, personal role in our lives).

> Care to provide some citations?

    I did, I gave you the search.

> Well, they clearly weren't founding a secular state, or they would not
> have mentioned a creator.  The point is that they recognized that human
> rights came from something greater than humans.  That greater thing is
> God.

    That's because at the time there really was no widespread concept that the
world could be anything but created!  Do you understand how shocking a concept
it was that a state did not endorse any religion was at the time?

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