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Re: REALLY OT: News Flash

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> *I* don't.  I can't speak for others, but I accept the Bible as God's
> Holy Word.  Allo of it, even the parts I don't like.

    So, again I ask on this Sabbath, how many have you killed as commanded by
your god?

> You mean the founding fathers who quoted scripture in their speeches?

    Yup.  Because look at the time; that was how things were written.  The
concepts we have now did not exist then.  But if you look further in their
papers you'll see they were more Deists (God exists but does not partake in
this world) than the Theists of Christians today (God exists and takes an
active, personal role in our lives).

> Which creator do you think they happened to be referring to?  The Big
> Band?  Hydrogen and Helium?

    Just because they referenced a creator doesn't mean they were creating a
Christian state.

> By the way, do you have anything to support the claims the founders were
> not Christian?  While we're at it, how about one for the 90%+ athiest
> scientists?

    Uh, common knowledge outside of your blinders?  Try Googling "Founding
Fathers Christian" and see how many of the top hits point out, time and again,
that they were not founding a Christian state.  Many wrote repeatedly against
Christianity, especially as a state.

    As for the 90%+ Atheist cite like I said to Ron it comes from Richard
Dawkins, either from his web site or his latest book, _The God Delusion_.

> Really?  I haven't seen the valid evidence yet.  I've seen lots of
> rantings and ravings and lots of unsubstantiated claims by lots of
> people, but no evidence yet.

    As I said, you see it, you just dismiss it.  It's ok, it's what I expect
from a religious person.

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