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Re: REALLY OT: News Flash

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> He
> claims that religious people are stupid and basically use ancient texts
> are a crutch. 

    Well, don't you?  I mean you cherry pick the nice bits and reject the nasty.

> Nevermind that the Chrisitan nation of the USA (it was
> founded as a Christian nation by Christians) has developed far more
> scientific advancement than the oh-so-enlightened athiest USSR ever
> could have hoped.

    Nevermind that the founding fathers were not Christian, did not form a
Christian state and that 90%+ of all scientists in the US are Atheist.
Furthermore it ignores the fact that the USSR wasn't horrible because of it's
secularism but because of it's totalitarianism and lack of rationality on the
other end of the spectrum.

> I was just asking that he substantiate his claim.  I am not trying to
> start a religious argument.  If he has valid evidence, then I will
> concede the point.  Though, I doubt any such evidence exists.

    It does exist, you're just of the habit of rejecting it.

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