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OT: abortion [was:sponge burning!]

Michael M. wrote:
> It seems to me you can only equate abortion with murder if you believe
> that a fetus equates with a human being (in terms of the human rights it
> should be accorded), in which case viability is not an issue because
> even a not-yet-viable fetus should be accorded those same rights.
> That's certainly a valid point of view, but no more or less valid than
> the view that a fetus is not a human being entitled to the same rights
> accorded a human capable of conceiving a fetus.

Take any "fetus" (at whatever stage of development):
Kill it in the womb - it's "abortion".
Kill it outside the womb - it's "murder".

Location, location, location.


>From the moment of conception, _nothing_ is added to the "fetus" except
nutrition. The idea that a fetus is not a human means that what matters
is the number of cells the organism has, not what the cells are.


I think it's reasonable then that half the population considers abortion
murder, even if the pols and dictionary writers do not.


Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto@connexer.com>:

> Every time I see men fighting about abortion, I wonder who the **** are
> they to tell women what to do with their bodies?
> Every time I hear of a woman having yet another abortion, I wonder who
> the **** let them have another child?

Ha ha-h-h! You don't see the irony here?

You're complaining that no one should "control a woman's body" (when
there's arguably another individual's life hanging in the balance), yet
you think someone should "control a woman's body" to prevent her from
getting pregnant.

You anti-control-freak control-freak ;-).


Now if only these OT threads could be aborted (after all, they're not
really "Debian" - they're just clumps of tissue, like a rotten tooth
that needs to be extracted ...).

Kent West
Westing Peacefully <http://kentwest.blogspot.com>

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