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Re: Community hostility [Was Recent spam increase]

T.J. Duchene wrote:
> I'm going to delibrately make a few comments now, and if everyone gets
> upset, so be it.


Any group of people will end up arguing about stuff. Its the nature of
the beast. Frankly, though most of the arguing is off-topic, the fact
that people here argue is a good thing, IMO. It means they are thinking
for themselves and willing to stand up for what they believe. That means
when I get advice, it comes from people who think about what they say.
They may be right or wrong, but its at least a considered opinion. And
the fact that we all come from such varied backgrounds, one of the main
contributing factors to the arguments, I believe, means that we have a
varied approach to problems and their resolution. We have multiple
points of view that lead to a better understanding of the tasks before
us. How many times have you tried to help someone, beaten down the same
path over several exchanges, to have someone else finally see what the
real problem is and throw it out there? It happens a lot, and there's
usually a "wow, I never could have thought of that" type of response. In
order to get this, we have to accept the other.

Oh, and one other thing? A sure fire way to avoid being flamed it to
mention something about donning the asbestos suit or some similar "bring
it on" statement. Likewise, a "please don't flame me" is sure to bring
it on. meh. so it goes.

later taters


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