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Re: Help!

Michael Martinell wrote:

>On Sat, September 10, 2005 9:28 am, Kent West wrote:
>>Continuing your analogy, I want auto manufacturers and software
>>manufacturers to design for the consumer's benefit, rather than the
>>manufacturer's benefit. Although this is what I want, I don't expect it
>>from auto manufacturers, nor do I expect it from software manufacturer's
>>just out to scratch their own itch.
>Car Owner: "Hey Maude, the windows roll down and we have air conditioning.  I
>wish we had read the manual *before* we drove across Death Valley."
LOL. That is funnyl

>Actually cars are not that hard either ... just buy the Haines manual for your
>particular model and you have step by step instructions on how to fix nearly
>any part, as well as the specs for all of the parts.  For most things you
>don't really need the mechanics computer to fix it.   The point is that you
>have to read the manual.
And my point is that if automobiles were designed for the consumer's
benefit, a Haines manual would not be necessary.


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