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Re: Help!

David Clymer wrote:
> I took Stephen's comments as a reaction against the (all too common)
> tendancy of programmers to create a utility with a host of unnecessarily
> byzantine switches and arguments,

    But that's not what we're discussing here.  We're discussing....
Installing an entire Operating System!  And not just the basics.  No, we're
not encompassing all sorts of things that many informed people don't call the
OS but many ignorant people do!

    If you install an OS, expect to read docs, period.  This isn't some random
utility with a myriad of switches.  This is thousands of packages, millions of
lines of code, tons of options.  Anyone who expects to touch that and not
sully their mind with documentation is stupid.  Anyone who claims it can be
done is selling something akin to the Brooklyn Bridge.

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