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Re: Help!

On Sat, September 10, 2005 9:28 am, Kent West wrote:
> Continuing your analogy, I want auto manufacturers and software
> manufacturers to design for the consumer's benefit, rather than the
> manufacturer's benefit. Although this is what I want, I don't expect it
> from auto manufacturers, nor do I expect it from software manufacturer's
> just out to scratch their own itch.
> Shame.
> --
> Kent
Car Owner: "Hey Maude, the windows roll down and we have air conditioning.  I
wish we had read the manual *before* we drove across Death Valley."

Actually cars are not that hard either ... just buy the Haines manual for your
particular model and you have step by step instructions on how to fix nearly
any part, as well as the specs for all of the parts.  For most things you
don't really need the mechanics computer to fix it.   The point is that you
have to read the manual.  Experience also helps.

But it's a learning process for everybody.  I find it easier not to repeat the
mistakes that everybody else made and read how they recommend to do a task. 
Of course that has never stopped me from trying it the same way they did just
so I can see the failure.  My failing I suppose.

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