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Re: The hated xmltex/jadetex games in combination with new tex-common

Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

> So, solution for now:
> - it only happens with texlive
> - it only happens with a not official jadetex/xmltex version
> - consequence: forget it for now

I think it is a general problem when update-fontlang is used for formats
(because some formats can depend on other formats, whereas Map lines in
updmap.cfg are always independent, AFAIK). update-fontlang was initially
update-updmap; that is why dependencies between map
lines/formats/hyphenation patterns were not considered.

I think the problem that caused you to start this thread can happen
again even without texlive, provided that formats/engines/hyphenation
patterns are sufficiently split among Debian packages.

It is difficult to fix properly, because a format has to be rebuilt,
AFAICT, whenever either of these are updated:
  - the engine;
  - language.dat;
  - hyphenation patterns;
  - depended-on formats (e.g., latex in the following example).

example:    jadetex         etex    language.dat    &latex jadetex.ini

And all these files can be scattered among different Debian packages. We
would need to trigger a format rebuild when any of the dependencies
change, considering the fact that during an APT upgrade, some packages
aren't functional, so a blind rebuild can fail sometimes (as you

> The jadetex/xmltex people could do:
> - use etex as engine instead of latex
> - load latex.ltx/.ini in their .ini file instead.
> This would be a solution, or?

I don't understand...


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