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Re: The hated xmltex/jadetex games in combination with new tex-common

Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

> Hmm. But if we replace the basic engine (etex/pdfetex) we *have* to
> rebuild all formats. Example:
> - texlive-base-bin (providing formats etex, pdfetex, ...) and 
>   texlive-latex-base (providing format latex, pdflatex) are installed
>   and configured.
> - texlive-base-bin (only) is upgraded with a new binary etex/pdfetex
>   (new version of pdfetex eg).
> At this time I *have* to recreate all formats. No?

Like, say, jadetex. Arghhh. I think you're right. It seems to me we are
missing the famous dpkg "trigger" mechanism. We're in the same boat as
the Debian Python folks where:
  - a package byte-compiles its .py files at configure time for every
    supported Python version;
  - the files must somehow be recompiled when the default python is
    upgraded to a new version (-> need to *trigger* a reconfiguration of
    every package shipping Python modules).

Argh. I fear solving this properly will require significant work.


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