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Re: The hated xmltex/jadetex games in combination with new tex-common


Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

> * dpkg unpacks all the new packages, including texlive-latex-base
> * dpkg tries to configure texlive-base-bin, it calls update-fmtutil
>   which (with the new tex-common) ignores those .cnf files in 
>   /etc/texmf/fmt.d/ which have a copy with .dpkg-new
> * postinst calls fmtutil-sys --all (from texlive-base-bin), comes to
>   the jadetex/xmltex. The want to have the latex format, but this
>   is currently not available (not included in the fmtutil.cnf file
>   due to the .dpkg-new file)
> * everything breaks.

>From this description, it seems to me that jadetex and xmltex need latex
at configuration time, which means they should depend on some package
that provides latex. If they depend on such a package, dpkg will ensure
that this package is configured *before* jadetex/xmltex: the latex
format *will* be in fmtutil.cnf and latex *will* be usable by
jadetex/xmltex's postinst at configure time.

If that doesn't help, please tell us how exactly to reproduce the bug,
so that I can have a deeper look at it.


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