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Re: The hated xmltex/jadetex games in combination with new tex-common

On Sat, Aug 05, 2006 at 12:06 +0200, Florent Rougon wrote:
> Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:
> > So, solution for now:
> > - it only happens with texlive
> > - it only happens with a not official jadetex/xmltex version
> > - consequence: forget it for now
> I think it is a general problem when update-fontlang is used for formats
> (because some formats can depend on other formats, whereas Map lines in
> updmap.cfg are always independent, AFAIK). 

I don't see a good technical solution for this problem. Maybe it would
be best to specify in the Debian TeX Policy that one must not depend on
other format files at configuration time. I think that's basically what
Norbert suggested:

> > The jadetex/xmltex people could do:
> > - use etex as engine instead of latex
> > - load latex.ltx/.ini in their .ini file instead.
> >
> > This would be a solution, or?
> I don't understand...

When the jadetex format is build, iniTeX (whatever version is used ...)
first loads latex.fmt and then some additional TeX macros to dump a new
format. However, latex.fmt has been build from loading latex.ltx and
dumping that. So in principle it should be possible to build jadetex.fmt
by loading the TeX macros in latex.ltx plus the additional macros needed
for jadetex and dumping that state.

I haven't tried if this works and I am not sure if it would be better to
load latex.ini or latex.ltx in jadetex.ini. It would be a bit slower,
but I think we can ignore that issue.


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