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Re: Font packages for teTeX

On Fre, 26 Aug 2005, Ralf Stubner wrote:
> mk-tex-fontpack is makeing the X11 integration optional. TrueType
> support would be nice, but I have to think about the TeX side of that

I would forget about TT fonts. TT fonts are to difficult and error prone
to set up for TeX, i would leave it for now.

> first. Documentation (code and user), sanity checks and some clean up of
> the code are also needed. What do you think? Anything you are missing? 

	fc-cache -s
in the postinst script if the fonts have been installed for X.

Then there should be a check that we do *NOT* install foo.ali files,
which are eg present in the distribution of font support files from
Walter. THese files are for VTeX and are currently installed into
/etc/texmf/map, and included into updmap.cfg, which breaks horrible.
I think it is enough to change

About the fonts.scale: YOu create a fonts.scale in
/usr/share/fonts/type1/$fntpack, and move it to
/etc/X11/fonts/Type1/$packname.scale. What about calling mkfontdir in
/etc/X11/fonts/Type1/ in the postinst script? Does the mkfontdir
include the files mentioned in $packname.scale? Or do we have to call
mkfontsscale in /etc/X11/fonts/Type1/ prior to mkfontdir?
(I am not an X expert!)

Otherwise I would say it looks quite ok.

Best wishes


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