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Bug#231441: marked as done (New upstream release (1.2.4)) Bug#231441: New upstream release (1.2.4) Re: Bug#232418: iptables_1.2.9-4(hppa/unstable): FBTFS: compiler errors doubt Ford Karine FRANCON/NXBP/FR est absent(e). kdebase/kdegraphics need retry Kernel patches to 2.4.21 kernel-image-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21-1_s390.changes is NEW kernel-patch-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21.10-1_s390.changes ACCEPTED kernel-patch-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21.10-1_s390.changes is NEW kernel-patch-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21.10-2_s390.changes ACCEPTED kernel-patch-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21.10-3_s390.changes ACCEPTED Latest kernel patch that went in? linux command doubt looking for s390 access for kdebase debugging Re: Packages that can be safely retried for autobuilding Please rebuild worker on s390 Please requeue ecamegapedal, ecawave on s390 Please requeue mutt, mailutils Please requeue nautilus-media Please retry evolution Re: possible MIAs/ proposed forced orphanings Problem with building libdc0 Problem with compiling gnucash? Processing of kernel-image-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21-1_s390.changes Processing of kernel-patch-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21.10-1_s390.changes Processing of kernel-patch-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21.10-2_s390.changes Processing of kernel-patch-2.4.21-s390_2.4.21.10-3_s390.changes Processing of s390-tools_1.2.4-1_s390.changes s390 installation support in Debian 'sarge' s390-tools override disparity s390-tools_1.2.4-1_s390.changes ACCEPTED Support options system call doubt unofficial linux 2.4.25 patch Which dev(/dev/usb*) for creative webcam? The last update was on 14:47 GMT Tue May 07. There are 47 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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