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Re: Kernel patches to 2.4.21

Adam Thornton <adam@fsf.net> schrieb am 17.02.2004, 20:17:02:

> http://www.homerow.net/files/linux-2.4.21-fix-disk-stat.diff
> Linux/390s DASD is at a higher major device number than x86; this one
> bumps up the major number of devices considered as potential disks when
> collecting statistics, so you can get I/O statistics for S/390 DASD. 
> Nice, but not crucial.

This one is rather broken. It wastes a lot of space but is still not
working right, e.g. for more than 64 DASD.

> http://www.homerow.net/files/linux-2.4.19-fix-install.diff
> Fixes the Makefile for to install kerntypes if you built it, which might
> be useful to some people.

I think this does not work together with /sbin/installkernel from
debianutils, right?

        Arnd <><

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