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Kernel patches to 2.4.21

It's obviously a little late for this round, but I'd like to propose a
few of Leland Lucius's patches for official acceptance into the stock
Debian kernel.  The "2.4.19" ones apply cleanly to 2.4.21, except for
the vmparms patch, which requires -F3 to apply.  In decreasing order of
importance (in my opinion anyway):

(diff is: http://www.homerow.net/files/linux-2.4.19.vmparms.diff but you
must use -F3 to apply it)

is *incredibly* handy, because it lets you do 

IPL <linux-device-or-NSS> PARM LINE <whatever>

and <whatever> is appended to the parm line built into the IPL record. 
This lets you trivially do stuff like boot Linux with different memory
sizes, different DASD ranges, and so on.


This one upcases the VMPOFF and VMHALT parameters; helpful in
conjunction with VMPARMS among other things.


Linux/390s DASD is at a higher major device number than x86; this one
bumps up the major number of devices considered as potential disks when
collecting statistics, so you can get I/O statistics for S/390 DASD. 
Nice, but not crucial.


Fixes the Makefile for to install kerntypes if you built it, which might
be useful to some people.


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