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Re: Latest kernel patch that went in?

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 09:29:43AM -0600, Adam Thornton wrote:
> I'm asking, because I'm *hoping* it's the xip2fs patch.

No, it was the include of the fix for the last kernel bug, as the 2.4.21
sources are not yet fixed, i prepare the upload of corresponding kernel

> If not, I'd like to request that that be added to the patch pile.
> This builds on the recent DCSS work by providing execute-in-place
> functionality for DCSS filesystems.  It's only useful for sites running
> large numbers of Linux images under VM, but I think it's going to be
> *very* useful for those.

I read the announcement of this patch yesterday. I take a look on it
after i finish the installer kernels.


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