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Bug#13820: ispell warnings on Alpha Bug#28321: (no subject) Bug#31822: marked as done (ispell: ispell's German dictionary should permit iso-latin1 characters when in TeX mode) Bug#31822: (no subject) Bug#31822: no subject) Bug#32726: (no subject) Bug#34205: marked as done (cucipop should restore state) Bug#35288: ispell bug 35288 Bug#35460: marked as done (cucipop: preinst remounts /usr without need) Bug#36158: marked as done (pam support for cucipop) Bug#39731: marked as done (L)ookup fails in ispell) Bug#39731: (no subject) Bug#39765: marked as done (sniffit: different copyright notices in README.FIRST and copyright) Bug#39976: marked as done (libapache-asp-perl places files in arch-specific manner) Bug#40608: gnotes: Preferences option actually gives you about screen Bug#40829: No more libmd5-perl ! [was:Re: Bug#40829: remove package from potato...] Bug#40829: remove package from potato... Bug#41314: electric fence: ability to disable the banner Bug#41741: consider update-ispell-hash Bug#41840: cucipop: virtual domains DONT WORK! Bug#42224: dotfile: Overlap with dotfile-doc Bug#42224: marked as done (dotfile: Overlap with dotfile-doc) Bug#42240: dotfile: File conflict with dotfile-doc Bug#42240: marked as done (dotfile: File conflict with dotfile-doc) Bug#42269: dotfile wants all modules Bug#5379: ispell bug 5379 Bug#8585: (no subject) cucipop curious?????? dotfile* Intent to adopt sniffit Intent to take over: gnotes interested in orphaned package introduction [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registered Debian developer Processed: Processed: Closing bugs for debian-qa and recently re-adopted perl-tk Processed: Fixed in NMU libapache-asp-perl 0.11-2 Processed: Fixed in NMU wily 0.13.41-0.2 Processed: ibritish bug 35287 Processed: Sorting old bugs A security-base package for Debian Uploaded wily 0.13.41-0.2 (source i386) to master xlife bugs The last update was on 20:22 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 81 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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