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Bug#35288: ispell bug 35288

Hi David, 

Thanks for working on ispell - according to the qa list you are doing a great

On Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 02:28:14AM +0000, David Coe wrote:
> I received the following comment from the upstream author.  I haven't
> decided yet what to do about this, but will do so soon.  If you have 
> further comments, please send them to 35288@bugs.debian.org.  Thanks.
> > Torsten's suggestion of screwing backwards compatibility is not
> > acceptable.  The real bug is in glibc, not in ispell.  Glibc has
> > failed to properly support backwards compatibility with termio.  Until
> > glibc is fixed, the suggested patch is the preferred solution.

I don't agree that glibc has a bug - it only has the problem to try supporting
both termios and termio. Anyway - if the upstream author wants to preserve
compatibility this is the way to go. After all we are only packagers and not
the "owners" of the software.


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