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[no subject] Jusqu'à 40% de Réductions+1 Voyage en Grèce ! Nouveautés Bourse : croquez nos petits tarifs ! Запрос на сотрудничество Ш И Р О К О Ф О Р М А Т Н А Я А н т е н н а я м а ч т а ПОРА ВЫБРАСЫВАТЬ ЁЛКИ И РУБИТЬ БАБКИ [bts-link] source package gnome-libs [bts-link] source package htdig [bts-link] source package libzvt [bts-link] source package smarteiffel apt-spy_3.1-16_i386.changes ACCEPTED As upstate babygimp_0.42-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED Back in late 1992, Lars Wirzenius and Michael K. Johnson suggested to form the Linux bbsload_0.2.8-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Boost Your Search Engine Positions Bug#133086: New projects of HPGI Bug#148646: Favorites Poll Bug#180872: marked as done (mon: Consider adding the "smblist" monitor?) Bug#196597: Kidman Bug#201049: marked as done (dia2code does not have support for C#) Bug#235569: marked as done (Cadubi: New upstream release (1.3)) Bug#242295: crash with gs-gpl_8.54.dfsg.1-5 Bug#245622: marked as done (cadubi: Man page typo: 'choosed') Bug#268636: marked as done (iacd: breaks on systems without ipv6 support in kernel) Bug#297450: marked as done (micro-httpd is not set up to start from inetd) Bug#297601: SHOES SHIRT Bug#302930: wounded saidView jailed Bug#322566: marked as done (mon: /etc/mon/* please strip Revision control headers from distributed files) Bug#333879: size Bug#338835: marked as done (cadubi: unsuitable control file encoding) Bug#339229: forward visits Until Bug#339581: texmacs: missing dependency to groff (pfbtops) Bug#350844: except with prior Bug#354129: More details about "htdig: /usr/bin/htfuzzy segfault"? Bug#357453: found JoliePitt Elizabeth Social Bug#358317: wie neuen Geschpfe haben Bug#363936: marked as done (libmotif3: not available on amd64) Bug#368803: marked as done (Invalid menu place and icon) Bug#375168: marked as done (wallpaper-tray: Low rotate interval makes program misbehave) Bug#376543: marked as done (slidentd does not remove it's inetd entry on removal) Bug#382784: bumped severity Bug#382784: marked as done (wallpaper-tray: missing pkg-check on GModule) Bug#389163: Request removal of Aleph. Bug#389838: marked as done (apt-spy: parse incorrectly mirror files (fails when an HTTP column is missing)) Bug#392411: marked as done (apt-spy: Segmentation fault when benchmarking) Bug#394355: marked as done (apt-spy seg fault) Bug#394362: marked as done (apt-spy seg fault) Bug#394376: marked as done (apt-spy seg fault) Bug#396641: marked as done (wallpaper-tray: The configuration dialog does not work) Bug#402389: Does look like a bug - but where Bug#402389: Does look like a bug - but where (was: Doesn't look like a bug in usbmount) Bug#402389: Doesn't look like a bug in usbmount Bug#403159: marked as done (trr19: Please add a depends against emacsen or emacs-snapshot) Bug#403978: playground-plugin-xmms doesn't work Bug#404229: marked as done (trr19: emacsen-install byte-compiles even with xemacs21-*) Bug#404231: marked as done (wallpaper-tray: typo in description) Bug#404235: (no subject) Bug#404235: marked as done (trr19: segfault when no argument is given) Bug#404349: marked as done (texmacs: Texmacs depends on tetex, so it may not be installed with texlive alone) Bug#404720: marked as done (trr19: segfaults on install) Bug#405891: fixed Bug#405899: fixed Bug#406815: jedstate: jed doesn't read scripts inside /etc/jed-init.d/ Bug#406815: marked as done (jedstate: jed doesn't read scripts inside /etc/jed-init.d/) Bug#407180: marked as done (htdig: [INTL:de] updated German debconf translation) Bug#407180: Patch for the 1:3.2.0b6-3.1 NMU of htdig Bug#408406: glibc malloc checker can abort deliver resulting in bounced mail Bug#408723: marked as done ([l10n] Updated Czech translation of htdig debconf messages) Bug#409051: dcc-client: DCC should start before SpamAssassin Bug#409321: O: canna-shion -- supporting dictionaries for Canna Bug#409322: O: glunarclock -- GNOME Lunar Clock Applet Bug#409429: libcppopt0c2: empty package Bug#409429: marked as done (libcppopt0c2: empty package) Bug#409476: FTBFS: cp: missing destination file operand after `oo2crc.tmp' Bug#409477: FTBFS: cp: missing destination file operand after `oo2crc.tmp' Bug#410011: html2ps: Honour PAPERSIZE environment variable Bug#410011: marked as done (html2ps: Honour PAPERSIZE environment variable) Bug#410012: html2ps: Unnecessary repetition of author metadata Bug#410223: x10: [INTL:es] Spanish po-debconf translation Bug#410230: feta: depends on grep-dctrl transition package Bug#410466: splitmail: segmentation fault Bug#410528: libmotif-dev: dependency problem in Xm.h (extensions/Print.h not installed) Bug#410551: wmx10: [INTL:de] initial German debconf translation Bug#410592: spfquery: short description is not correct Bug#410603: 'man adduser-ng' typos: "crated" & "differed" Bug#410614: Missing manpage for skymon Bug#410690: marked as done (please package new upstream release: 0.8.3) Bug#410690: please package new upstream release: 0.8.3 Bug#410714: sgrep version 1.94a is available since 19.11.2004 Bug#411000: marked as done (Tripwire: [INTL:es] Spanish po-debconf translation) Bug#411000: Tripwire: [INTL:es] Spanish po-debconf translation Bug#411009: ITA: libqt-perl -- Perl bindings for the Qt library Bug#411104: ITA: libperlmenu-perl -- Menu and Template (curses-based) UI for Perl Bug#411469: f-prot-installer: virus updates not longer downloadable; deb package available Bug#411993: orpheus: New upstream version 1.6 available Bug#412366: texmacs: infloops and sometimes crashes X when accessing menus Bug#412630: Etch debootstraop fails with unkown key during PXE install Bug#412630: marked as done (Etch debootstraop fails with unkown key during PXE install) Bug#412782: rekall: rekall crashes when using the create new db wizard Bug#412839: openmotif is not autobuilt, misses several archs (ia64, mipsel, s390) Bug#412847: cthugha is not autobuilt, misses several archs (hppa, ia64) Bug#412848: bcm5700-source: remove from debian ? Bug#85868: Prices Bug#89342: key Gerald Strebendt Bug#94175: dont work for him anymore Bug#94175: get a degree today and make your money problems a thing of the past cipe 1.5.4free-12 MIGRATED to testing Confidential Online Service cppopt 0.0.2-6 MIGRATED to testing cppopt_0.0.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED cppopt_0.0.2-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED dbengine_1.1-18_i386.changes ACCEPTED Dear Beloved. Des Centaines de Prix Ronds a partir de 3 euros ! dia2code_0.8.3-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED dnsdoctor_1.0.0-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Easy Earnings with Flextime emms_2.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Exclu Internet, Z'incroyable mais Vrai... Face and disreputable clothes walked. ffingerd 1.28-7 MIGRATED to testing for joyfu for permeanc freundlichen Gruessen Linda Perk gtkeyboard_1.1.7-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED Hast power to choose and. have the experience but no degree, we can help HELENE, une petite Planet a quelque chose a vous dire... hi from ciara htdig 1:3.2.0b6-3 MIGRATED to testing htdig_3.2.0b6-3.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED html2ps_1.0b5-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED I'd say, go for it!'' So I went for it, and wrote a first version of the iacd_0.0.26-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED interested in packaging texmacs investir Is host La Nouvelle Collection, des Cadeaux et des Avantages... libapache-mod-auth-mysql ACCEPTED libapache-mod-auth-mysql override disparity libapache-mod-auth-mysql_4.3.9-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Many more Opportunities with a Degree Molle? To Michele Mazzucchi of Politecnico di Milano Movement ART Gallery Mondials mtoolsfm_1.9-3-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED RE: Needa {} Diploma? The new Networking Guide you are reading right now is a complete rewrite that features several new applications that noffle 1.2.0~rc1-5 MIGRATED to testing open21xx_0.7.5-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Or you can purchase the official printed version from O'Reilly, which will be available some time later this year. Re: PHmabARMACY Re: PHmooARMACY Processed (with 1 errors): Fixed in experimental Processed: block appropriately Processed: Fixed in experimental Processed: More details about "htdig: /usr/bin/htfuzzy segfault"? Processed: Not RC :-) Processed: Re: Bug#411930: "All fallbacks failed" on illegal png file Processed: Re: glibc malloc checker can abort deliver resulting in bounced mail Processed: Re: html2ps: Honour PAPERSIZE environment variable Processed: Re: jedstate: jed doesn't read scripts inside /etc/jed-init.d/ Processed: Reassigning Processed: Request removal of Aleph. Processed: severity of 375168 is important Processed: severity of 382784 is grave Processed: tagging 280485 Processed: tagging 390429 Processed: texmacs: missing dependency to groff (pfbtops) Processed: use my DD address Processing of apt-spy_3.1-16_i386.changes Processing of babygimp_0.42-5_i386.changes Processing of bbsload_0.2.8-2_amd64.changes Processing of cppopt_0.0.2-5_i386.changes Processing of cppopt_0.0.2-6_i386.changes Processing of dbengine_1.1-18_i386.changes Processing of dia2code_0.8.3-1_i386.changes Processing of dnsdoctor_1.0.0-3_amd64.changes Processing of emms_2.1-2_i386.changes Processing of gtkeyboard_1.1.7-5_i386.changes Processing of htdig_3.2.0b6-3.1_i386.changes Processing of html2ps_1.0b5-4_i386.changes Processing of iacd_0.0.26-6_i386.changes Processing of libapache-mod-auth-mysql_4.3.9-3_i386.changes Processing of mtoolsfm_1.9-3-5_i386.changes Processing of open21xx_0.7.5-3_amd64.changes Processing of prolog-el_1.12-2_i386.changes Processing of s48-refman_1-3_i386.changes Processing of scheme48_1.3-7_i386.changes Processing of tex-guy_1.2.4-7_i386.changes Processing of tripwire_2. Processing of trr19_1.0beta5-19_i386.changes Processing of windowlab_1.33-4_amd64.changes prolog-el_1.12-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED python-gnome 1.4.5-8 MIGRATED to testing questions about metamail s48-refman override disparity s48-refman_1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED scheme48_1.3-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED schemes you may be confronted with. It describes the configuration and management of smail, a mail transport agent commonly Secret to success! The sendmail chapter has been written and contributed by Vince Skahan. The Small Cap TTrend square miles before being contained Monday. Three firefighters died when the flames start making more money in just 2 weeks subject tex-guy_1.2.4-7_i386.changes is NEW That annihilate to blubbe tripwire_2. ACCEPTED trr19_1.0beta5-19_i386.changes ACCEPTED Une Star Internationale chez Vertbaudet... Re: VIAkawGRA Re: VIApefGRA VITE, 1 euro la Livraison sur les Soldes... Derniers Jours! wantt fastidious virginn Cuties? windowlab_1.33-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED x10 1.06-15 MIGRATED to testing The last update was on 13:14 GMT Fri Jan 06. There are 234 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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