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Bug#412630: Etch debootstraop fails with unkown key during PXE install

Package: debootstrap PXE
Version: Etch

Erik De Decker wrote

Dear Gentlemen,

since a few days I am unable to do an Etch install from PXE using the method explained at : http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/478

Up to last week (wednesday) the PXE install method worked fine untill on Friday I tried again and

Debootstrap fails on:

   "Base system release file signed by unkown key"

(I running on an Intel Core2Duo 6600)

I have tried to find the bug on the bugreports and did some IRC on #debian without result, hence my e-mail...

Thanks for correcting the signature or to let me know how to avoid the error,

Many thanks in advance and keep up the good/ the excellent work,

Erik, Geneva, Switzerland

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