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Movement ART Gallery Mondials

Title: Mondials World Moviment Art
International Artistic Without-Sign Movement

International Artistic Without-Sign Movement

Aware that:
All men has a particular first name and surname, often assigned by his parents; that happens now and perhaps will be in future too.
The concept that everyone has a signature belongs to us, and so the idea of considering a man without his signature, it’s strange and unusual, it doesn’t belong to us and to the current way of living the life.
Now, as it was happened in the past with different reasons, the without - sign’s concept or theory can have a right position in the World of Art.
Indeed, artists are allow to resign fixing or writing their signature on their works of art.

Obstacles and challenges:
It’s difficult or perhaps impossible to imaging a future without signing; Artists will renounce to their signature with great spiritual pain.

Future advantages:
Work of art tries to set itself free from its artist, challenging preconceived ideas or opinions, sometimes being able to exceed the importance of its creator.

Artists interested to collaborate can take part in the movement producing a pictorial and/or photographic work of art, without appending one’s signature, sending work of art or photos done with the technique they believe the best (format JPG/EMPEG/mp3 max size 1.5 MB), linked to the description and the explanation of the  technique used and their biography too (file format TXT). This is the WEB MAIL: info@mondials.com
The works of art arrived, will be valued and briefly advertised in the MONDIALS Web Gallery, ready to be visited by everybody. These creations will be publicized in occasion of the international web event WITHOUTSIGN.COM, in a second time.

The Gallery Mondials


Mondials' return
to the Painting
Analogic Conversion


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MONDIALS - Art Gallery


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