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Molle? To Michele Mazzucchi of Politecnico di Milano


Recently I came across the program which is credited to "Molle has been developed by Michele Mazzucchi and Andrea Mocci as a project for the course in advanced logics at Politecnico di Milano, under the supervision of Prof. Marco Colombetti and Prof. Alessandra Cherubini." I am using the program quite alot lately. I am interested to know of what models or references you used to develop your system. I think M. Fitting was mentioned at one point in the documentation. I am particularly interested in what is called deontic logic. Will there be further documentation to Molle? What are the plans for the development of Molle at this time? Presently I am reading B. Cellas, M. Fitting and Hughes & Cresswell. 

Thank you

Clinton R. LeFort

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